My name is Made Sutanaya ("Mar-day").
I was born and raised in the north of Bali in the small village area of Singaraja.
I am a husband and father to 3 beautiful children, and I have been a tour guide and personal driver since 1998.
I also speak several languages, including English and Japanese.

My approach to helping you create and enjoy your ideal holiday is to combine my Balinese culture, experience and knowledge with your ideas and desires.
I have served many satisfied clients from all over the world.
I am honest, true, experienced, polite, hard-working and very dependable.
The testimonials on my website from some of my clients are true statements.
They illustrate the level of service I can offer you during your stay in Bali, from transport to or from the airport to a complete day tour, where I can show you some of the many beautiful locations, attractions or activities around Bali.

Airport News Today

A friendly reminder.
Please do not spend all your money during your visit in Bali.... Why?
When your leaving Bali you will need to pay an Airport Tax via the airport.
Airport tax costs IDR 200,000/person (International departure) and IDR 50,000/person (domestic departure)
This is payable in cash using Indonesian Rupiah only as you leave.

Money Matters

Try to use an authorized money changer as there are better rates in the smaller shops but I do advise you to be careful and count your money properly before leaving the shop as these smaller money changers can be “magicians” and with the slight of hand can have you leaving with less Rupiah than your entitled to..